We have often heard a proverb “Time flies” but we can actually experience it in few moments of our lives. One such moment can be, when you say good bye to your dear friends. I never imagined it will be so hard.

I can vividly recall the day of march…

Every journey start with a single step.

But that first step is the most daring thing which you can ever do. You think about doing something cool and/or important but as you are about to take action, your heart fills with dread.

What if you are not good enough? What…

Life is a really long journey with full of turns and surprises. What makes life an enjoyable experience is how we navigate through our daily nuances and what we do. Joining Amal Academy was also such an experience. I am in my last semester at university. I was thinking, “It’s…

Since a long time, I wanted to revise a book, which I read almost 2 years ago. It is a well known fact that, revision is an essential part of learning. I wasn’t able to do it because I was busy in other important stuff.

I had my university exams…

Tips are a great way to remember and organize concepts. They are the essence of difficult concepts, when learned correctly, they provide us a base on which we can build further.

Some important totkay provided by Amal was:

  1. Self talk

2. Get out your comfort zone

3. Create new habits

Pakistan is an under developed country. According to Asian development bank (ADB), it has been estimated that, 24.3% of the population of Pakistan lives below the national poverty line.

Within an environment of such scarcity, it is very difficult for families to care about the education of the young. I…

My first step towards being a writer


I am an avid reader. I live for reading. Till now, I have always thought about writing something original by myself, which will be remembered for ages. I want to be a light house for those who have lost in the cold…

I was sitting in my living room, when i read about this weeks Amal activity. I looked around and noticed my bed is in a bad situation. It is kind of messy and rough. As you can see in the picture below:

I noticed everything in my room us messy. Blankets, pillow, bed sheets, everything is meed to be organized. They were not looking good and comfy. So, I felt the responsibility; stood up, and started arranging things. I put extra blanket into the locker, and folded one, which I needed. I…

Muhammad Aqib

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