Overcoming procrastination by using Pomodoro technique

Since a long time, I wanted to revise a book, which I read almost 2 years ago. It is a well known fact that, revision is an essential part of learning. I wasn’t able to do it because I was busy in other important stuff.

I had my university exams, quizzes, assignments and projects. When you have so much to do, you have to compromise on many things. There is a quote I learned somewhere:

When you want to do something, you find a way. When you don’t want to do something, you find a excuse.

In the past, for whatever reason I didn’t revised the book. I promised myself that I will be doing it now.

I opened my laptop, and launched clock app. I set 25 min timer on that app.

After that, I opened my book. It was about sustainability in Food industry. What it is and how we can achieve it? Following is the cover of that book.

This book has 9 chapters. I decided to review every chapter in 25 minutes. Some chapter can be reviewed in much less time. I decided, I will adjust them accordingly. I started reading this book at 1 P.M on Friday and till 5 P.M, I have completed the book.

In my first attempt, most distracting was my urge to check my phone, and select the best music to listen while reading. In my first 25 min, I turned my phone off and put it on charging in another room. I also stopped listening to music, and just focused on reading. I am using Pomodoro technique for 3 years, so it wasn’t difficult for me to adjust myself. The bad thing is, I only use it in emergency situation, where task on hand is super important. I think I should use it often as it gives fascinating results in term of task completion.

I completed first chapter in just 20 min, no worries. It was quite easy. In my 10 min break, I listened music; Serenade by Shubert. It is one of my favorite. It always refreshes me and helps me in staying focused.

I kept repeating this cycle for next 4 hours, until I achieved my task. It made me really happy how I finally did it after a long time.

Following are the ticks, which I draw as a mark of my achievement.

For me, small goal achievements of such nature are as important as anything grand which has life long impact.

Thank you Amal Academy for pushing me forward and making me do this activity.